Frequently Asked Questions

What is home health care?

When an illness or injury prevents you from safely leaving your home, whether it’s an injury, illness or post-surgical need, home health provides skilled nurses, physical therapists as well as speech and occupational therapists including certified home health aides in the comfort of your own home. Reducing your stay in the hospital and transitioning to a healing program with the right clinicians at home is key.

Do you have a need for home healthcare?

If you are:

  • Homebound due to illness, injury or surgery
  • Require assistance from skilled nursing and therapists
  • In need of temporary or intermittent services
  • Considered by your physician to be medically unstable
  • Under the care of a primary care physician
Why does someone need home care?
  • If you are suffering from balance issues, unsteady when walking
  • If you have fall risk or a history of falls
  • If you need help with post-surgical wounds or antibiotics
  • If you just get out of the hospital but have not recovered completely from your illness or injury
  • If you had surgery on you back, hip, knee or other joints and need help recovering your mobility and range of motion
How much does home health care cost the patient?

Home health care is covered by Medicare (Part A or B) and almost all private insurances. Medicare and private insurance companies can pay for much or even nearly all of the costs incurred with home health nurses, home health aides and therapy services. Optima Home Health can help you better understand what options you have if you set up an initial consultation, which is free to you.

You may also choose to pay directly should you not have coverage directly to us.

As long as you are under the care of a physician, have a plan of care established and reviewed by them regularly, and meet the following criteria, you can get Optima Home Health care in your home:

– Intermittent or temporary skilled nursing
– Physical therapy
– Speech therapy
– Occupational therapy
– Leaving home is not safe due to your medical condition
– When leaving home, you require the assistance of a wheelchair, water or special transportation as well as assistance from a someone

Even if you must leave home for short term medical treatment or appointments as well as adults day care, you can still receive home health care.

What type of services do I need?

After your physician prescribes home health for you to Optima Home Health, our nurse and therapists are sent to you to do an in-home evaluation to figure out exactly what types of services and treatment goals you need. You are part of this plan of care design and help us set realistic and progressive goals for your recovery. We have a team of clinical supervisors that work together to ensure your plan of care fits well and helps you achieve maximum recovery and to maintain your independence.

Our nurses oversee your overall plan of care and recovery and will coordinate all care providers on your team to ensure we are all helping to achieve your wellness goals.


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