Skilled Care Services

We offer a variety of health care services

Skilled Nursing

Our Nurses help you manage your medications and IV’s as well as medical treatments including wound care. They can oversee healthcare plans and ensure prompt communication with your physician, surgeon as well as care givers and families.

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists will help you regain range of motion, increase strength, improve gait & balance as well as endurance so you can get back to your normal activities of daily living. Our goal is getting you to your maximum functionality.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists can help improve day-to-day activities around your home by training and teaching techniques for eating, toileting, showering/bathing as well as making meals. By strengthening your abilities in these areas, you can get back the most independence possible.

Speech Therapy

Our Speech Therapists will help you improve your speech and communication. Challenges that can be helped include eating and swallowing, memory issues and decision-making.

Home Care Coordinator/ Medical Social Worker

Our licensed Medical Social Workers can help you by discussing and providing resources for social services, transportation needs as well as in-home assistance to help you maintain your independence.

Certified Home Health Aide

Should you have the need for assistance that your doctor or surgeon requests, we are able to provide licensed certified home health aides that can help you with personal care including bathing, dressing, bathing, meal preparation and linen changes.

Nutritionist/Registered Dietitian

Our Dietitians help you to better understand your situation and how dietary adjustments can be used to help heal wounds faster, recover from injuries better and to be healthier in general. They also help you manage your chronic conditions better like diabetes, renal challenges as well as CHF/COPD and other cardio/pulmonary conditions.


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